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Business is all about ideas and how you convey them. Escribto Academy experts know this and know how to step in your shoes and talk to the market in your behalf. Don’t let a very a small typo misinform your customers or convey another message which you don’t want or mean. Let us build your reputation in the market and polish your internal memos, reports, manuals and forms.

Save effort, time and money by ordering our business editing, proofreading and translation services. We are here to eliminate inconsistency, redundancy and vagueness from all your documents and polish them and make them speak the same voice and the same tone.

Never worry about your privacy, confidentiality as we have very strict confidentiality and privacy policies.

Move to a final draft rapidly and confidently with the support of our editorial team. Your documents, even the sensitive ones, can be translated eloquently from and into Arabic, English German and French. Moreover, we can tailor our service to your needs and requirements.

Try our services now and let us be your business partner.

Business Proofreading

Never waste the valuable time and core skills of your staff by assigning editorial work to them. Keep them focused on their tasks and outsource your business proofreading and editing service to us.

If you are sure that your manuscript is well- organized and is free from all issues related to editing, our advice is to order Business Proofreading. Once ordered, three professional proofreaders will scan your manuscript to spot and correct all spelling, grammatical, typographical, and other linguistic errors and mistakes. Your work will be cleaned and polished to highest business standards.

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Business Translation

If your business has a window to the international market, business translation will be one of your assets to have a well- established business in the international market. Our experts know the exact linguistic equivalents of the terminology used in every single document. Their experience extends beyond the translation work. They know well the government procedures associated with each document as well as the legislations governing them particularly Arab countries, EU countries and the United Kingdom. Our awareness of business security issues means you can thrive across borders in safety. The business sectors that we are experts in are: Law, Education, Health, Military, Media, Tourism, Marketing, Secuirty and Information Technology. We will translate your documents from and into Arabic, English, French and German languages and your project is processed with a real sense of eagerness, passion and care. Aside from business translations, we provide cultural and business consultations to clients.
Our consultations include advice on cultural issues affecting business, import-export strategies, market research and specialized analysis tailored to your organization’s goals and identity.

Need Notarized or Attested Translation?

No worries!  We have 145 legal translation partners in 98 countries worldwide. Our experts will translate your documents and send them by DHL to the country of your choice. One of our legal translation partners will receive, notarize or attest your documents and send it to you promptly. We translate from and into Arabic<>French<>English<> German.

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Website Editing, Localization and Content Writing

In writing, localizing, translating or editing the website content, every single word counts to optimizing the search engine and generating traffic to your website.
We are happy to work on the rough drafts of your website and we can even develop your website from scratch including your blogs.
With just few mouse clicks you can bring high caliber editors to your work place. Order our services now and enjoy the benefit of having a spare time to do business.

Plagiarism Check

Students, website owners, teachers, publishers, authors and academic institutions need a trusted source of plagiarism check to ensure a fair assessment of scholarly or professional work. There are thousands of solutions for plagiarism and originality check on the web, but the results vary from one solution to another simply because each solution has its own database and algorithm to check and compare the scholarly work in question.

Normally, the accuracy of the similarity report depends on the volume of database a systems uses to check a paper as well as the algorithm applied by the plagiarism detection tool. To ensure which solution is the best for our services, Escribto’s plagiarism lab conducted an in-depth study on the most powerful plagiarism. Our study included nearly most solutions available such as iThenticate, Turnitin, CopyLeaks, Plagiarisma, PlagScan, Grammarly, Paperater, PlagTracker, WriteCheck and Dustball.

 The results show that none of them is perfect especially when it comes to checking the originality of a work that translated portions from another language. Even the most powerful tool that uses a high level of artificial intelligence cannot detect the translated text simply because the algorithm used in such solutions cannot check the flow of ideas inside the paper and compare it to other ideas written in another language. Non-Verbatim Plagiarism is impossible to be detected by a machine. It occurs when someone lifts a text and paraphrases it in a different way.  Sometimes it is referred to as intertextuality. Intertextuality is stealing the ideas of others and rewriting them in a different way to ensure that they look and feel as if they are unique ideas. This will make it near to impossible for the plagiarism detectors to spot unless a subject matter expert reads thoroughly the paper in question. Therefore, to ensure that we provide an accurate and detailed plagiarism report, we decided to subscribe to or acquire the top 15 plagiarism detectors in addition to partnering with 48 subject matter experts in various disciplines.

How Escribto Plagiarism Check Works?

When you submit a paper to check it uniqueness, we task one plagiarism expert who will check its originality using the top 15 plagiarism detectors. Once a full detailed report is produced by this expert who report and your paper are sent to one of our subject matter experts to read it thoroughly to detect cases of intertextuality or translated ideas from other languages. The final report that you will receive will be unquestionably the most accurate originality report you will ever get.

Your Copyright and Confidentiality are Assured

Escribto Academy will never infringe your copyright. The strict confidentiality and privacy policies applied by Escribto Academy will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your files. Moreover, file transfers to and from our server are securely encrypted.
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