I'm not a Native Speaker

Tired of being a non-native speaker of the language of instructions and ‎you are fed up with being judged based on your grammar and on your ‎merit! The real challenge is to get ahead in the academic world or the ‎business world without having an accurate language. It is even harder ‎when you have to communicate in a different language.‎

As a student, or scholar and researcher, you want your work to be judged ‎on merit, not based on your English writing skills. Our academic language ‎editors will help you communicate more clearly, revising your manuscript ‎for things like clarity, word choice, and idioms, as well as grammar and ‎spelling. Whether it is in German, Arabic or English, your manuscript will ‎be rewritten to ensure that it perfectly reflects the ideas and argument ‎that you have in mind. ‎

Our language services for non-native speakers include editing, rewriting, ‎proofreading and translation.‎
On time and to your budget, our service includes checking for spelling, ‎grammar, and typographical errors, as well as common second language ‎problems.‎

Your documents are secure, and all file transfers to and from our servers ‎are encrypted.‎

Academic Translation and Editing ‎

‎ In the world of academia you need a well-rounded academic and talented editor who ‎has an in-depth experience in editing dissertations, theses, proposal and ‎academic reports. Unlike academic editors, an editor who has an editorial ‎experience in the field journalism will not be able to help you edit ‎proofread and format the style of your dissertation or thesis as per the ‎guidelines of your college or university. Moreover, your academic ‎supervisor will not have the time to assist you with grammatical or even ‎academic issues related to your project.

You need someone who knows ‎what exactly should be done to your dissertation or thesis to highest ‎academic standards.‎
We will translate your manuscript from and into Arabic, English, French and German languages.

Worried about becoming lost in translation!

We assure you that we are very meticulous about striking a perfect balance about the meaningfulness of your translated document and the fidelity to the original manuscript.

In just few mouse clicks you can order our services and invite us to help ‎you. We will check for originality, style, citation, referencing, organization, ‎word choice, concision, and clarity. Moreover, we will spot the weak points ‎in your argument and provide you with nuggets of information to have a ‎very strong argument in your research. ‎
Your manuscript will be kept confidential and no worries about the file ‎transfer from and to our servers as they are encrypted.‎

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