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Your Copyright and Confidentiality are Assured

 Escribto Academy will never infringe your copyright. The strict confidentiality and privacy policies applied by Escribto Academy will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your files. Moreover, file transfers to and from our server are securely encrypted.

We have long experience in translating all forms of Arabic and English poetry and prose while preserving the voice and vision of the author. Translating or proofreading nonfiction books means to us producing a perfectly crafted manuscript by a well-rounded editors.
As an author, services that you will enjoy from  Escribto Academy include:

Manuscript Critique

Be assured that the right Escribto Academy expert will be assigned to your work to give you a valuable opinion on your manuscript.
An unbiased critique of your book that you will value forever because you need an honest and objective manuscript critique before you take your work to the market. Our critique includes analyzing the elements of your work like: language, tone, structure, consistency, dialogue, characterization, cohesion, coherence, theme, rhyme, consistency, originality and organization.
The critique that you will receive is an unbiased opinion based on the market trend, our expertise and how to make your work sell well. It has nothing to do with editing, proofreading or copyediting your work.

Manuscript Editing

After having a hard time producing your final draft of your work you need a well-rounded editor to edit your work and to give you a polished version while you take a break. Our editing service includes editing for sentence structure, word choice, terminology, tone, argument sequence, coherence, and clarity, readability in addition to issues related to fiction like plot, dialogue, and characterization. Issues related to proofreading are already included in the editing service. This incudes but is not limited to spelling, typographical errors, grammar, meaningfulness and punctuation.

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Manuscript Proofreading

Three professional proofreaders will scan your manuscript to spot and correct all linguistic errors and mistakes such as: spelling mistakes and grammatical, typographical, and other linguistic errors. Your manuscript will be cleaned and polished to highest standards so you can confidently submit it for publishing.

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Manuscript Translation

The beauty of a translated manuscript lies in striking a balance between the faithfulness to the original manuscript and the meaningfulness and feeling of the translated text. This balance requires a unique combination of talents, skills and education. To us, the manuscript translation process is a team work and not an individual effort done by one translator. Two or more experienced professional translators will translate the text followed by two chief translators who will revise their work. The final product will undergo a very careful review by a well-rounded editor. We translate from and into Arabic<>French<>English<> German.

Plagiarism Check

For students, website owners, teachers, publishers, authors and academic institutions need a trusted source of plagiarism check to ensure a fair assessment of scholarly or professional work. There are thousands of solutions for plagiarism and originality check on the web, but the results vary from one solution to another simply because each solution has its own database and algorithm to check and compare the scholarly work. Accurate similarity results depend on the volume of database a systems uses to check a paper. At Escribto plagiarism lab we have conducted an in-depth study on the most powerful plagiarism detectors to select the best for our services. Our study included nearly most solutions available such as iThenticate, Turnitin, CopyLeaks, Plagiarisma, PlagScan, Grammarly, Paperater, PlagTracker, WriteCheck and Dustball. The results show that none of them is perfect especially when it comes to check the originality of a work that includes a translated text from another language. Even the most powerful tool that uses a high level of artificial intelligence cannot detect the translated text simply because the algorithm used in such solution can check the flow of ideas inside the paper and compare it to other ideas written in another language. Moreover, intertextuality is stealing the ideas of others and rewriting them in a different way to ensure that they look and feel as they are unique ideas. This will make it near to impossible for the plagiarism detectors to spot unless a subject matter expert reads thoroughly the paper in question. Therefore, to ensure that we provide an accurate and detailed plagiarism report, we decided to subscribe to or acquire the top 15 plagiarism detectors in addition to partner with 48 subject matter experts in various disciplines. Escribto Plagiarism Check. How it works? When you submit a paper to check it uniqueness, we task one plagiarism expert who will check its originality using the top 15 plagiarism detectors. Once a full detailed report is produced by this expert who report and your paper are sent to one of our subject matter experts to read it thoroughly to detect cases of intertextuality or translated ideas from other languages. The final report that you will receive will be unquestionably the most accurate originality report you will ever get.

Your Copyright and Confidentiality are Assured

Escribto Academy will never infringe your copyright. The strict confidentiality and privacy policies applied by Escribto Academy will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your files. Moreover, file transfers to and from our server are securely encrypted.
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