I’m a Lawyer

Lawyers need support from linguists, translators, proofreaders and other lawyers. Escribto Academy is all this. Our team includes long experienced lawyers and litigators who are ready to pour their expertise into your project. Our legal services include but is not limited to: providing legal opinion on commercial cases and trademark infringements, providing consultation on business set up, developing and reviewing commercial agreements and contracts, developing and reviewing all types of corporate internal documents, providing legal advice on labor cases, copyright law, patent law, foreign investment law and corporate law as well as legal translation and editing for purely legal documents.
 To order now just upload all the required files to our server and give us full details about the subject matter.

Allow 3 hours to read the case carefully by our lawyers and one of our lawyers will get back to you with all the details required to accomplish the job perfectly.

Your Copyright, Privacy and Confidentiality Are Assured:

Escribto Academy will never infringe your copyright. The strict confidentiality and privacy policies applied by Escribto Academy will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your files. Moreover, file transfers to and from our server are securely encrypted.