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It is not fair to be graded by your professor for your grammar. It is your ideas and argument that should count when it comes to evaluating your assignment, thesis, dissertation, term papers, essay, capstone project or any academic work. We are here to edit, proofread, and style check all parts of your work so your mistakes don't cost and to let you get the grade you deserve. Enjoy having your papers checked, proofread and edited to make them stronger, clearer, and more readable, more meaningful and more concise.
Let your professor judge your work on merit, and not on spelling or grammar mistakes.

We will help you by scheduling online meetings with one of our dissertation or thesis coaches to ensure we dramatically boost your academic productivity. Selecting the right dissertation or thesis coach is not a random process. We will task one of our coaches who is a subject matter expert in your major or area of study. He/ she will set himself/ herself as your shadow while working on your thesis or dissertation to keep you well focused on your mission as a graduate student. Our support starts from the very early stages of writing your proposal until final submission of your manuscript. At the literature review stage, you need to provide an analytical overview of the significant literature published on your topic. At this stage you cannot predict whether your professors know less or more than you do on the topic and your mission is excel and ensure that you have provided more knowledge beyond their expectations. This is why you need one of our talented dissertation coaches. He /she will systematically follow a step- by –step process to ensure that your literature review is perfect. This includes:

  • Placing your original work in the context of existing literature.
  • Interpreting the major issues related to your topic.
  • Describing the relationships among previous research.
  • Creating an innovative ways of identifying and interpreting gaps in previous studies.
  • Identifying which part of the related literature makes a significant contribution to the understanding of your topic.
  • Guiding the literature review to the right path of furthering research on your topic.

We will ensure that in your literature you:

  • Provide a coherent overview of the topic consideration.
  • Arrange previous studies into categories and concepts in support or against a particular point of view.
  • Connect the previous studies to your work and your argument.
  • Move smoothly from one perspectives to another using thorough analysis, synthesis, and assessment and not simply summarizing or translating them.
  • Use the appropriate reporting verbs to indicate positive assessment (advocate, argue, hold, see); neutral assessment (address, cite, comment, look at); tentative assessment (allude to, believe, hypothesize, suggest); or critical assessment (attack, condemn, object, refute).
  • Provide a well- organized conclusion about previous studies in a way that ensures the greatest contribution to the understanding of your topic.

We will ensure that you really understand that writing a dissertation or thesis requires:

  • Organizing your literature review
  • Developing your methodology
  • Preparing your proposal
  • Planning your time and your resources
  • Creating roadmaps to guide you through the process
  • Getting ready for defending your dissertation
  • Publish and leverage your dissertation

So, how do you know if you would benefit from our services? If you have never had a professional academic copyeditor just try our services by sending us a small essay to see the big difference that we make in your academic work. We are sure that your learning experience will exceptional. If you are not a native speaker of the language of instruction used in your college, or you have been told by instructors or colleagues that your work needs improvement, or if your work suffers from poor grammar and awkward construction that prevents your work from receiving a fair review, hire us and enjoy the benefit of having a perfect assignment or thesis with the support of one of our talented academic writers.

You do not want to pay someone else to fix issues you could easily have fixed yourself. Therefore, our advice is that you should fix what you can to be able to identify exactly how many pages are in your manuscript needs full review by one of our experts.
Once you are done with your calculations, check which service you really need.
Our academic services include:

Academic Editing

Your paper will be scanned by a team of long- experienced academic editors who edit your essay, thesis, dissertation, term paper, proposal or report for coherence, argument, coherence, style, formatting, citation, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, tone, clarity, organization, grammar and typographical errors.
Proofreading is already included in this service, so if you order academic editing no need to order academic proofreading service.

Best of all, you learn a lot from us.
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Your Copyright and Confidentiality Are Assured: Escribto Academy will never infringe your copyright. The strict confidentiality and privacy policies applied by Escribto Academy will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your files. Moreover, file transfers to and from our server are securely encrypted.
For your reference, there are three levels of academic editing:

Light Academic Editing( LAE)

It is all about correcting basic and systematic language errors in a well- written manuscript .This includes language structure, split or fused sentences, grammatical mistakes, improving a manuscript's clarity and logic, incorrect dates, sentence fragments, correcting faulty attempts at parallel construction, misspellings, lack of parallel in structure, problems with subject-verb agreement, incorrect verb tense, unnecessary or missing commas, dangling or misplaced modifiers, problems with pronoun-antecedent agreement, misused words, figures that don't total in charts and tables, omitted or repeated words, incorrectly spelled names of places or people, bad word or terminology choice.

Technical Academic Editing (TAE)

 It involves standardizing a text according to a particular academic style. There are four internationally approved manuals of style: The Chicago Manual of Style, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Modern Language Association Style Manual (MLA), and the Associated Press Stylebook. These manuals must be strictly followed after conducting LAE.
TAE includes standardizing words in heads, documentation style, use of single or double quote marks, compound words, serial commas, and numbers, acronyms, extracts, italics, and note numbers, titles in bibliographies, references style, and illustrations.

Substantive Academic Editing ( SAE)

In addition to LAE and TAE, processes SAE include improving logic and clarity and addressing larger problems of structure and organization by deleting irrelevant material or putting it in the footnotes, replacing passive voice with active voice, eliminating issues related to dialectology , jargon or mother tongue interference, moving incorrectly placed paragraphs, making parallel ideas appear in parallel forms, varying unintentionally repeated verbs, adding dashes or parentheses to clarify subordinate material, reducing strings of adjectives or doublings, replacing indefinite pronouns with clear noun subjects, changing words with racist and sexist connotations, reducing the use of an author's pet word or phrase, defining special terms on first appearance, cutting wordy sentences, straightening out logic and connections, noting awkward phrasing that could be improved, adding transitions to improve the flow of argument, deleting repeated paragraphs, providing subheads, cutting excessively long footnotes, lengthening or shortening titles for clarity, suggesting areas for additional citation or research, suggesting additional illustrations, as well as noting the absence of a real introduction or conclusion, where a title does not match content, where the argument is tangled or absent, where the argument could be made stronger with additional proofs, and where citations appear without sources.

Academic Proofreading

If you are sure that your manuscript is well- organized and is free from all issues related to LAE and TAE and SAE our advice is to order Academic Proofreading. Once ordered, three professional proofreaders will scan your manuscript to spot and correct all spelling, grammatical, typographical, and other linguistic errors and mistakes. Your work will be cleaned and polished to highest academic standards so you can confidently submit it to your college.

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Academic Translation

We provide scientific translations for academic documents in various disciplines like: presentations, research papers, thesis, assignments, capstone projects, reports, dissertations. We translate from and into Arabic<>French<>English<> German.

Statistical Analysis

One of the essential statistical considerations for your dissertation or thesis is the power of the statistical analysis you apply to interpret and to justify your research findings. The statistical analysis service is far beyond your expectations. In addition to analysis and interpreting the research data m we advise and tutor you on every single issue of your work. Our experts believe that statistics is the grammar of science. Our statisticians are experts in applying statistical analysis following various techniques and software such as: means tests, analysis of variance and covariance, discriminant analysis, multiple regressions, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and nonparametric analysis.

Beyond academia, our experts can conduct Quantitative Methods for Business like: Linear programming, Integer linear programming, Goal programming, Transportation, Assignment, and transshipment problems, Network problems, PERT/CPM , Inventory models, Waiting line (queuing) problems, Simulation, Decision analysis, Time series & forecasting, and Statistical Quality Control.
Furthermore, our team of statisticians will help you develop and analyze your survey and conduct scaling, online survey implementation, subgroup analysis, contingency table analysis, of charts preparation.

Our experts will support you in preparing your dissertation proposal by critiquing your hypotheses based on their standpoints of their logic and testability. Don’t worry about your research design or how to determine the needed sample size and devise an effective sampling strategy. You will get all the information you need to select the appropriate methods to propose for analyzing your data. Our support includes data collection, database setup, data importation to the statistical analysis system, pursuing any supplemental or fortuitous findings and hypotheses test. Moreover, our experts will teach you how to do these processes.

Have you done all these steps and need help doing the next steps. No worries!

Our experts will write up a draft of your results chapter, prepare all tables and figures, edit and format your entire work for grammar and readability following APA, Chicago style or MLA or any other format guide you specify.

Plagiarism Check

For students, website owners, teachers, publishers, authors and academic institutions need a trusted source of plagiarism check to ensure a fair assessment of scholarly or professional work. There are thousands of solutions for plagiarism and originality check on the web, but the results vary from one solution to another simply because each solution has its own database and algorithm to check and compare the scholarly work. Accurate similarity results depend on the volume of database a systems uses to check a paper. At Escribto plagiarism lab we have conducted an in-depth study on the most powerful plagiarism detectors to select the best for our services. Our study included nearly most solutions available such as iThenticate, Turnitin, CopyLeaks, Plagiarisma, PlagScan, Grammarly, Paperater, PlagTracker, WriteCheck and Dustball. The results show that none of them is perfect especially when it comes to check the originality of a work that includes a translated text from another language.
Even the most powerful tool that uses a high level of artificial intelligence cannot detect the translated text simply because the algorithm used in such solution can check the flow of ideas inside the paper and compare it to other ideas written in another language. Moreover, intertextuality is stealing the ideas of others and rewriting them in a different way to ensure that they look and feel as they are unique ideas.

This will make it near to impossible for the plagiarism detectors to spot unless a subject matter expert reads thoroughly the paper in question.

Therefore, to ensure that we provide an accurate and detailed plagiarism report, we decided to subscribe to or acquire the top 15 plagiarism detectors in addition to partner with 48 subject matter experts in various disciplines. Escribto Plagiarism Check.
How it works? When you submit a paper to check it uniqueness, we task one plagiarism expert who will check its originality using the top 15 plagiarism detectors. Once a full detailed report is produced by this expert who report and your paper are sent to one of our subject matter experts to read it thoroughly to detect cases of intertextuality or translated ideas from other languages. The final report that you will receive will be unquestionably the most accurate originality report you will ever get.

Your Copyright and Confidentiality are Assured

Escribto Academy will never infringe your copyright. The strict confidentiality and privacy policies applied by Escribto Academy will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your files. Moreover, file transfers to and from our server are securely encrypted.
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